Mix & Master Your Track

Price: $50

This service Includes a full mix & master of your song with unlimited revisions and an initial turnaround time of one week maximum. For a quicker turnaround, contact me beforehand and discuss when you need the song done by. I have mixed vocals for Mozzy, Lil Blood, Voice, and many more. My mixing and mastering process consists of the following: 

- Vocal EQ

- Autotune / Pitch Correction

- Vocal Compression

- Application of Slate Digital VST's to achieve "crisp" sounding vocals

- Volume Normalization for Fluctuations in Vocal Levels

- Smoother transitions for punch-ins

- Track-out Mixing (If track-outs are provided)

- Elimination of loud "P's" or sharp "S's"

- Raising Track to Radio Volume


*All sales are final

Mix/Mastering Credits: